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Learn More About How You Move:

  • Establish a base-line of movement ability.

  • Find out your weaknesses.

  • Allowing you to optimize your workouts in order to sustain progress.

What is a “Movement Screen”?

> An assessment of your performance in a few ‘‘functional movement patterns’.

These movements are the fundamental building blocks on which all other movement is based. Improving in the quality of these ‘functional movement patterns’ will have a positive effect on the quality of all other movement!

Establishing a base line of your ability is the first step, analyzing the results is the second step - implementing a ‘Corrective Movement Strategy’ into your workout routine is the third step.

> LatsOn Coaches provide their experienced and knowledgable support throughout this process, and are open to questions/comments/concerns at any time.

> Quarterly “Check Ups” are suggested in order to maintain & track the progress of your performance.

Whether you have questions about our services or about anything health, fitness, longevity or nutrition related - feel free to contact us any time.

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Forget the GYM, join the COMMUNITY and - “Become Resilient"

Forget the GYM, join the COMMUNITY and - “Become Resilient"